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C.G. Jung, Emma Jung and Toni Wolff: A Collection of Remembrances

In each of my hours with Dr. Jung I was aware of his sense of urgency about man’s religious task, of his intense concern that each of us must be related to ourselves and to God not only inwardly but in the world, if we and the world are not to be destroyed.

“We fear our serpent,” he said, ”as we also fear the numinosum – so we run from it. . . . All we have to give the world and God is ourselves as we are. But this is the hardest of all tasks. Most of us want others to do it for us, to carry us along.”. . .

Over and again he stressed his belief that “unless we live these things we profess, we are useless.”

My last sight of him was in 1955 in Ascona.

I had photographed him with Mrs. Jung, seated at a table in the warm sunlight outside their hotel by the lake.

Very Swiss, very solid, very genuine, very warm, they sat side by side, smiling, as we drove away. ~Shiela Moon, J.E.T., Page 178.

Image: Carl and Emma Jung enjoying tea at Küsnacht in 1955.