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Eastern philosophy fills a psychic lacuna in us but without answering the problem posed by Christianity.

Since I am neither an Indian nor a Chinese, I shall probably have to rest content with my European presuppositions, otherwise I would be in danger of losing my roots for a second time. ~Carl Jung, Letters Vol. II, Page 238.

I tried to find the best truth and the clearest light I could attain to, and since I have reached my highest point I can’t
transcend any more, I am guarding my light and my treasure, convinced that nobody would gain and I myself would be badly, even hopelessly injured, if I should lose it. ~Carl Jung, Letters Vol. II, Page 597.

Up until the last moment Jung still seemed to be searching. Perhaps his was the road of the Magician who, unlike the Saint, did not yearn for fusion or for the peace of God, but preferred the eternal highway with all its unhappiness.

But I cannot be certain of that. ~Michael Serrano, Two Friendships, Page 112.


Seated Figure of Bodh-dharma Porcelain, Chinese, Ming Dynasty, first half of seventeenth century.

Bodh-dharma was an Indian sage who brought Buddhism into China.

This figurine is a meditative aid.

By sitting in the same position and gazing upon the figure of the Bodhi-dharma, one can see one’s own inner state.