The Red Book

Phanes is the God who rises agleam from the waters.
Phanes is the smile of dawn.
Phanes is the resplendent day
He is the immortal present.
He is the gushing streams.
He is the soughing wind.
He is hunger and satiation.
He is love and lust.
He is mourning and consolation.
He is promise and fulfillment,
He is the light that illuminates every darkness.
He is the eternal day.
He is the silver light of the moon.
He is the flickering stars.
He is the shooting star that flashes and falls and lapses.
He is the stream of shooting stars that returns every year.
He is the returning sun and moon.
He is the trailing star that brings wars and noble wine.
He is the good and fullness of the year,
He fulfills the hours with life-filled enchantment.
He is love’s embrace and whisper,
He is the warmth of friendship,
He is the hope that enlivens the void.
He is the magnificence of all renewed suns.
He is the joy at every birth.
He is the blooming flowers.
He is the velvety butterfly’s wing,
He is the scent of blooming gardens that fills the nights.
He is the song of joy.
He is the tree of light.
He is perfection, every-thing done better.
He is everything euphonious.
He is the well-measured.
He is the sacred number.
He is the promise of life.
He is the contract and the sacred pledge,
He is the diversity of sounds and colors,
He is the sanctification of morning, noon, and evening.
He is the benevolent and the gentle.
He is salvation . . .
In truth, Phanes is the happy day . . .
In truth, Phanes is work and its accomplishment and its remuneration.
He is the troublesome task and the evening calm.
He is the step on the middle way, its beginning, its middle, and its end.
He is foresight.
He is the end of fear.
He is the sprouting seed, the opening bud.
He is the gate of reception, of acceptance and deposition,
He is the spring and the desert.
He is the safe haven and the stormy night.
He is the certainty in desperation.
He is the solid in dissolution,
He is the liberation from imprisonment,
He is counsel and strength in advancement.
He is the friend of man, the light emanating from man, the bright glow that man beholds on his path.
He is the greatness of man, his worth, and his force” ~Philemon Speaking;
Black Book 7, pp 16-9.