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The Red Book

Are you laughing, Oh Philemon?

Alas, I understand you: humanity has completely faded for you, but its shadow has arisen for you.

How much greater and happier the shadow of humanity is than it is itself!

The blue midday shadows of the dead!

Alas, there is your humanity, Oh Philemon, you are a teacher and friend of the dead.

They stand sighing in the shade of your house, they live under the branches of your trees.

They drink the dew of your tears, they warm themselves at the goodness of your heart, they hunger after the words of your wisdom,
which sounds full to them, full of the sounds of life.

I saw you, Oh Philemon, at the noonday hour when the sun stood highest; you stood speaking with a blue shade, blood stuck to its
forehead and solemn torment darkened it.

I can guess, Oh Philemon, who your midday guest was.

How blind I was, fool that I am!

That is you, Oh Philemon!

But who am I!

I go my way, shaking my head, and people’s looks follow me and I remain silent.

Oh despairing silence! ~Carl Jung, Liber Novus, Page 316