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Memories Dreams Reflections

If the human [soul] is anything, it must be of unimaginable complexity and diversity, so that it cannot possibly be approached through a mere psychology of instinct. I can only gaze with wonder and awe at the depths and heights of our psychic nature.

Its non-spatial universe conceals an untold abundance of images which have accumulated over millions of years of living development and become fixed in the organism.

My consciousness is like an eye that penetrates to the most distant spaces, yet it is the psychic non-ego that fills them with non-spatial images. And these images are not pale shadows, but tremendously powerful psychic factors. . . .

Beside this picture I would like to place the spectacle of the starry heavens at night, for the only equivalent of the universe within is the universe without; and just as I reach this .world through the medium of the body, so I reach that world through the medium of the psyche. ~Carl Jung; Memories Dreams and Reflections; Page 399 and Freud and Psychoanalysis, CW 4, pp. 331 f.