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The Red Book

“Man shall differentiate himself both from spirituality and sexuality.

He shall call spirituality mother, and set her between Heaven and earth.

He shall call sexuality Phallos, and set him between himself and earth.

For the mother and the Phallos are superhuman daimons that reveal the world of the Gods.

They affect us more than the Gods since they are closely akin to our essence.

If you do not differentiate yourselves from sexuality and from spirituality, and do not regard them as an essence both above and beyond you, you are delivered over to them as qualities of the Pleroma.

Spirituality and sexuality are not your qualities, not things you possess and encompass.

Rather, they possess and encompass you, since they are powerful daimons, manifestations of the Gods, and hence reach beyond you, existing in themselves.

No man has a spirituality unto himself or a sexuality unto himself Instead, he stands under the law of spirituality and of sexuality.

Therefore no one escapes these daimons.

You shall look upon them as daimons, and as a common task and danger, a common burden that life has laid upon you.

Thus life, too, is for you a common task and danger, as are the Gods, and first and foremost terrible Abraxas.” ~Carl Jung; Red Book