Meetings with Jung: Conversations Recorded During the Years, 1946-1961

At the third [Terry Yale] lecture it was crowded with people standing and sitting everywhere.

‘Yet,’ he said, ‘it was very difficult stuff and probably none of them understood it; but they “got it” – the numinous quality.’

When he went out after the last lecture he found the Dean’s wife getting tea with tears streaming down her face.

C.G. thought it must be some domestic trouble.

She apologised and said she was crying.

‘Yes, I see,’ said C.G., and asked if he should withdraw.

‘Oh no,’ she answered, ‘I didn’t understand a word of it, but I feel it.’

‘That’s it,’ remarked C.G., ‘she got what was there – like the Mass – didn’t understand, but was in it.’ ~E.A. Bennet, Conversations with Jung, Pages 31-36

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