1925 Seminar by Carl Jung

Often people come for analysis who wish to be prepared to meet death.

They can make astonishingly good progress in a short time and then die peacefully. Inner development can advance enormously if there is knowledge of the nearness of the end.

It seems as if a further step in consciousness has to be reached before the end of life.

Psychology is a preparation for death.

We have an urge to leave life at a higher level than the one at which we entered. ~Carl Jung, Jung-Ostrowski, Page 16.

From this attitude of Freud’s I felt more than ever convinced that his idea of God was placed in sexuality, and that libido is to him only an urge in one direction.

As a matter of fact, however, I think it can be shown that there is a will to die as well as a will to live.

We prepare ourselves for death when we reach the summit of life; or, to put it in another way, after the age of thirty-five, let us say, we begin to know that cooler winds are blowing—at first we don’t understand, but later we cannot escape the meaning. ~Carl Jung, Seminar 1925, Page 25.

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