Memories, Dreams, Reflections

[Carl Jung – It is no “mere chance” that the carpenter’s son proclaimed the Gospel.]

It would be a serious misunderstanding to regard as “mere chance” the fact that Jesus, the carpenter’s son, proclaimed the Gospel and became the savior of the world.

He must have been a person of singular gifts to have been able so completely to express and to represent the general, though unconscious, expectations of his age.

No one else could have been the bearer of such a message; it was possible only for this particular man Jesus.

In those times the omnipresent, crushing power of Rome, embodied in the divine Caesar, had created a world where countless individuals, indeed whole peoples, were robbed of their cultural independence and of their spiritual autonomy.

Today, individuals and cultures are faced with a similar threat, namely of being swallowed up in the mass.

Hence in many places there is a wave of hope in a reappearance of Christ, and a visionary rumor has even arisen which expresses expectations of redemption.

The form it has taken, however, is comparable to nothing in the past, but is a typical child of the “age of technology.”

This is the worldwide distribution of the UFO phenomenon (unidentified flying objects). ~Carl Jung, Memories Dreams and Reflections.