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As I am getting on in age and as I am going to be gathered to my ancestors and avatars


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To Father Victor White

My dear Victor, 27 December 1947

I am so “distrait” by my writing that I forgot a most important point about which I should have asked you: There exists a plan to create an “Institute of Analytical Psychology” in Zurich.1 A “comite” has been elected, consisting of

5 persons (C. A. Meier, Dr. K. Binswanger, Dr. Jolande Jacobi and Dr. L. Frey-Rohn and myself ), who are preparing the list of the actual founders.

I have been asked to write to you whether you would be inclined to allow us to put your name on that list.

You risk no further obligations.

We only hope you would add the moral authority of your name to the new enterprise.

We have already the names of Gebhard Frei, Prof. of modern philosophy at the collegium Sacerdotale in Schoneck, Prof. Pauli, physicist and Nobel prize man, Prof. Gonseth,4 mathematician, E.T.H., Rob. de Traz, French-Swiss novelist of fame, Ad. Vischer6 of the Curatorium Universitatis Basiliensis, etc.

Your name would be in good society.

Personally I should be much obliged to you if you could do us this pleasure.

In return you will receive further particulars about the Institute.

I have written a longish letter to you, which probably goes by slow mail.

So this forgotten item may reach you before the letter which should have contained it.

What I am “distrait” about is depicted in that letter.

As I am getting on in age and as I am going to be gathered to my ancestors and avatars within a measurable time, the Institute is meant to carry on the work.

My former English Seminars are already substituted by a number of lectures and courses about dream psychology, ps. of fairy tales, selected topics from the Old Testament, ps. of the Gilgamesh Epic, ps. of the Renaissance (XV cent.)

[These lectures] are to be consolidated in the form of an Institute.

The Psych. Club [contributes] the rooms, the use of the library and a sum of money.

I am very busy just now, but tomorrow I am going to Bollingen for a fortnight.

Cordially yours,

C.G. ~Carl Jung, Letters Vol. 1, Pages 481-482.