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The intuitives who construct daydreams which follow their fancy-with these intuitives who construct daydreams there develops,

of necessity, an inferiority complex, and in order to make up for it more and more daydreams are necessary.


Naturally these intuitive spirits also have great charm and a certain power, because they seduce the others, whom it would pay to stay on the ground, but who listen to them and are seduced.


In reality hurt and danger are reinforced. On earth one must become substance. (How can one remedy this?)


Simply by becoming conscious of it. By confirming the fact, by not avoiding it.


One must of necessity acquire this understanding. (But then one is unhappy. One should not have to be shown by someone else.)


One must not avoid unhappiness. One must accept suffering; it is a great teacher.


(But happiness too! I don’t think that I avoid unhappiness and I have learned much by observing my suffering, but I have learned much from happiness, and I seek it.)


There, that’s the error, one must not seek happiness.


The happiness that one seeks is a usurped one.


Organic happiness, the bliss that comes from the center of the earth, that alone is fruitful and that simply comes. Sometimes it surges from the deepest suffering.


Let me quote Nietzsche’s verses, who in the greatest depth of his suffering cries suddenly: “The world, has it become perfect?” such bliss did he feel.


One must not seek happiness, one must not avoid suffering.


When one distances oneself too much from suffering one loses depth, and happiness comes from depth.


Intuitives don’t have substance; they have inventiveness, imagination. ~Carl Jung, Carl, Emma, Toni Remembrances, Page 54