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“Why should our spirit not take upon itself torment and restlessness for the sake of sanctification?

But all this will come over you, for I already hear the steps of those who bear the keys to open the gates of the depths.

The valleys and mountains that resound with the noise of battles, the lamentation arising from innumerable inhabited sites is the omen of what is to come.

My visions are truth for I have beheld what is to come.

But you are not supposed to believe me, because otherwise you will stray from your path, the right one, that leads you safely to your suffering that I have seen ahead.

May no faith mislead you, accept your utmost unbelief it guides you on your way.

Accept your betrayal and infidelity, your arrogance and your better knowledge, and you will reach the safe and secure route that leads you to your lowest; and what you do to your lowest, you will do to the anointed.

Do not forget this: Nothing of the law of love is abrogated, but much has been added to it.

Cursed unto himself is he who kills the one capable of love in himself for the horde of the dead who died for the sake of love is immeasurable, and the mightiest among these dead is Christ the Lord. Holding these dead in reverence is wisdom.

Purgatory awaits those who murder the one in themselves who is capable of love.

You will lament and rave against the impossibility of uniting the lowest in you with the law of those who love. I say to you:

Just as Christ subjugated the nature of the physical to the spirit under the law of the word of the father, the nature of the spirit shall be subjugated to the physical under the law of Christ’s completed work of salvation through love.

You are afraid of the danger; but know that where God is nearest, the danger is greatest. How can you recognize the anointed one without any danger? Will one ever acquire a precious stone with a copper coin?

The lowest in you is what endangers you.

Fear and doubt guard the gates of your way.

The lowest in you is the unforeseeable for you cannot see it.

Thus shape and behold it. You will thus open the floodgates of chaos. The sun arises from the darkest, dampest, and coldest.

The unknowing people of this time only see the one; they never see the other approaching them.

But if the one exists, so does the other” ~Carl Jung; Red Book [Draft](pp. 409-10).