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The Practice of Psychotherapy: Essays on the Psychology of the Transference and Other Subjects (Bollingen Series)

Another dream-determinant that deserves mention is telepathy.

The authenticity of this phenomenon can no longer be disputed today.

It is; of course, very simple to deny its existence without examining the evidence, but that is an unscientific procedure which is unworthy of notice.

I have found by experience that telepathy does in fact influence dreams, as has been asserted since ancient times.

Certain people are particularly sensitive in this respect and often have telepathically influenced dreams.

But in acknowledging the phenomenon of telepathy I am not giving unqualified assent to the popular theory of action at a distance.

The phenomenon undoubtedly exists, but the theory of it does not seem to me so simple. ~Carl Jung; CW 16; The Practical Use of Dream Analysis; CW 16: The Practice of Psychotherapy; Page 503.