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We can say something analogous about Jung.

We are about to enter the aeon of Aquarius the water carrier and in a sense Jung is the last fish and the first water carrier.

Aquarius carries water, does not live within nor is contained by it, indicating a totally different relation to the psyche. ~Edward Edinger. [Source needed]

[Image courtesy of Craig Nelson]

Above all it is the connections with the age of the Fishes which are attested by the fish symbolism, either contemporaneously with the gospels themselves (”fishers of men,” fishermen as the first disciples, miracle of loaves and fishes), or immediately afterwards in the post-apostolic era.

The symbolism shows Christ and those who believe in him as fishes, fish as the food eaten at the Agape, baptism as immersion in a fish-pond, etc.

At first sight, all this points to no more than the fact that the fish symbols and mythologems which have always existed had assimilated the figure of the Redeemer; in other words, it was a symptom of Christ’s assimilation into the world of ideas prevailing at that time.

But, to the extent that Christ was regarded as the new aeon, it would be clear to anyone acquainted with astrology that he was born as the first fish of the Pisces era, and was doomed to die as the last ram of the declining the form of the old sacrifice of the seasonal god.

Significantly enough, Jesus’s partner in the ceremony is called Barabbas, “son of the father.”

There would be some justification for drawing a parallel between the tension of opposites in early Christian psychology and the fact the zodiacal sign for Pisces (K) frequently shows two fishes moving in opposite directions, but only if it could be proved that their contrary movement dates from pre-Christian times or is at least contemporary with Christ.

Unfortunately, I know of no pictorial representation from this period that would give us any information about the position of the fishes.

In the fine bas-relief of the zodia from the Little Metropolis in Athens, Pisces and Aquarius are missing.

There is one representation of the fishes, near the beginning of our era, that is certainly free from Christian influence.

This is the globe of the heavens from the Farnese Atlas in Naples.

The first fish, depicted north of the equator, is vertical, with its head pointing to the celestial Pole; the second fish, south of the equator, is horizontal, with its head pointing West.

The picture follows the astronomical configuration and is therefore naturalistic.

76 The zodiac from the temple of Hathor at Denderah (1st cent, b.c.) shows the fishes, but they both face the same way.

The planisphere of Timochares, mentioned by Hipparchus, has only one fish where Pisces should be.

On coins and gems from the time of the emperors, and also on Mithraic monuments, the fishes are shown either facing the same way or moving in opposite directions.

The polarity which the fishes later acquired may perhaps be due to the fact that the astronomical constellation shows the first (northerly) fish as vertical, and the second (southerly) fish as horizontal.

They move almost at right angles to one another and hence form a cross.

This countermovement, which was unknown to the majority of the oldest sources, was much emphasized in Christian times, and this leads one to suspect a certain tendentiousness. ~Carl Jung, Aion, Pages 90-92, Para 147.

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