Freud/Jung Letters

Dear Professor Freud, 27March 1912

Many thanks for the second edition of Cradiva.

I quite agree with your proposal.

I shall notify the local groups accordingly, i.e., I presume that I have to consult them.

Perhaps we can hold the Congress next spring.

Bleuler has demanded the return of one of the manuscripts already with ,Deuticke,’ a very fine Dem. praec. analysis, for fear of public opinion in Zurich.

He could have done this long ago, so it is

just another low trick.

Of course it was a paper produced at the Clinic, which I have now wasted a lot of time correcting.

Please excuse the “meagreness” of this “letter.”

You will be hearingmore from me very soon.

Best regards,

Most sincerely yours,


~Carl Jung, Freud/Jung Letters, Vol. 1, Pages 497-498