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The Undiscovered Self

As at the beginning of the Christian Era, so again today we are faced with the problem of the moral backwardness which has failed to keep pace with our scientific, technical and social developments.

So much is at stake and so much depends on the psychological constitution of modern man.

Is he capable of resisting the temptation to use his power for the purpose of staging a world conflagration?

Is he conscious of the path he is treading, and what the conclusions are that must be drawn from the present world situation and his own psychic situation?

Does he know that he is on the point of losing the life-preserving myth of the inner man which Christianity has treasured up for him?

Does he realize what lies in store should this catastrophe ever befall him?

Is he even capable at all of realizing that this would be a catastrophe?

And finally, does the individual know that he is the makeweight that tips the scales? ~Carl Jung; The Undiscovered Self; Page 78.