Psychology and Religion

From the ancient records we know that the divine drama was enacted between God and his people, who were betrothed to him, the masculine dynamis, like a woman, and over whose faithfulness he watched jealously.

A particular instance of this is Job, whose faithfulness is subjected to a savage test.

As I have said, the really astonishing thing is how easily Yahweh gives in to the insinuations of Satan.

If it were true that he trusted Job perfectly, it would be logical for Yahweh to defend him, unmask the malicious slanderer, and make him pay for his defamation of God’s faithful servant.

But Yahweh never thinks of it, not even after Job’s innocence has been proved.

We hear nothing of a rebuke or disapproval of Satan. Therefore we cannot doubt Yahweh’s connivance.

His readiness to deliver Job into Satan’s murderous hands proves that he doubts Job precisely because he projects his own tendency to unfaithfulness upon a scapegoat.

There is reason to suspect that he is about to loosen his matrimonial ties with Israel but hides this intention from himself. ~Caarl Jung; Answer to Job;Book of Job; Para. 616.