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Jung A Biography

Even today a kind of legend survives of a ‘night sea journey,’ which is not really accurate; one can hardly imagine a night sea journey as ear-splittingly loud as our nekyia was.

It was tremendously boisterous and drunken. Baron von der Heydt ( the owner of the hotel on Monte Verita) had donated the wine.

Although there was no music for the dancing, the sound of it echoed far across the lake.

The whole neighborhood near and far sent messages to Mrs. Frobe complaining about the unaccustomed disturbance of the peace, but it did no good. Jung was pretty tipsy, and the words his friend and student comrade Albert Oeri had written in his memoirs of him came to my mind:

‘Jung’s drunks were rare, but they were loud!’

But it was not only Jung who was tipsy; everybody else was too. Jung was very pleased at this, and he roused those who were too sober to render due homage to Dionysos.

Plunging in now here, now there, he sparkled with wit, banter, and drunken high spirits.

This, though, was the only party that was ever held at the Eranos conferences.

Apparently Dionysos was satisfied once and for all with this sacrifice in wine and drunkenness. ~Gerhard Wehr, “Jung” by Gerhard Wehr, Page 272-273.