Freud/Jung Letters

Dear Professor Freud, 23 January 1912

This time the reason for my failure to write is more complicated.

We have been the victims of “blackmail”! by the newspapers and were publicly reviled although no names were named.

I have even consulted a good lawyer with a possible view to bringing a libel action.

But there is little prospect of success because the attack was indirect.

I have therefore confined myself to a public protest by the International Psychoanalytic Association, Zurich branch; it will appear shortly in the

This whole rumpus was precipitated ‘by my article in Rascher’s Jahrbuch.

The time is most inopportune, as I am overwhelmed with work and grappling with the endless proliferation of mythological fantasies.

In order to master the overwhelming mass of material I have to work unceasingly and am feeling intellectually drained.

As you will see from the enclosed letter, Bjerre does not agree at all with our lopping off his long-winded epi-crisis and publishing it in the next issue.

The gentleman seems to ‘be too big for his boots.

I have written Deuticke that he should go ahead and set the end, and that the manuscript is obtainable from you.

Have you any ministering spirit who knows German and would correct the style and punctuation?

I should be very, very grateful.

I would like to avoid difficulties with Bjerre, and Deutioke is willing to print the 3rd part anyway.

This would unburden the next issue, which has already taken on menacing proportions because of my copious-still unfinished-i-opus.

But I am now working on the last chapter (VI).

Bleuler’s “Autism” is very misleading and extremely unclear theoretically.

“Shallow” is probably the right word for it.

I’m told Stekel’s paper is brief; it can then be tucked away in an inconspicuous place.

Our French professor from Poitiers” has now joined the Zurich group, so we have a professor in our midst again.

Since Bleuler’s departure we have been having very pleasant evenings at the Perceptible harmony all round.

Is it true that Adler has offered his services to Specht?

With best regards,

Most sincerely yours,


On Jan. 2oth I lectured to 600 teachers.

For an hour and a half I had to thunder out Psychoanalysis like Roland sounding his horn.

This letter is quite vacuous. At the moment I am not giving out any libido, it’s all going into my work.” ~Carl Jung, Freud/Jung Letters, Vol. 1, Pages 482-483