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Carl Jung on Mrs. Eppers sculpture of him.


Jung, however, did not like the sculpture. He wrote his opinion about the sculpture in a letter from the 25th of July 1956 as follows:

Dear Mrs. Epper

Please forgive me for the delay in my reply […]

I have the impression that since I saw the bust at your place you had much work done, which somehow fatally changed the face expression and the shape.

The forehead is no longer correct, and the mouth is not correct either, and there are some spasmodic traces which came in the face which were not there before.

Somehow, I think that you missed the point. I got the impression that you put too much of your own subjectivity in it.

Please forgive me my open criticism.

I cannot cope with the idea that I look like a conqueror attacking the clouds, or like the eagle of Zeus, which did not catch Ganymede.

I look like someone who strives after the highest goal in vain.

The expression here is too intellectualist.

I have for me my own judgment, which I always take with scepticism and let be confirmed by others, because I do not want to be unfair to your work, in which you invested so much effort and attentiveness […]

I suggest you leave it for at least half a year, and then to take it up again.

Yours faithfully

C.G Jung ~Carl Jung, Two Cases of Jung’s Clinical Practice, Page 166