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Carl Jung Letter to Sandor Ferenczi

000 Sandor

Dear Colleague, [Sandor Ferenczi]

It is very good that you convinced yourself to write the letter.

You are completely right: one should not let a companionship like ours break apart.

On the other hand, the complexes are active enough to keep such memories always fresh anyway.

Transference could be most highly transformed into hatred and we are too reasonable for that.

I feel towards you exactly as during our trip, even if I did not write.

I very often had the impulse to communicate to you how I feel. Since (the trip) I had experienced quite a lot.

The very, very first thing I did after my return was to lay down to my wife all the aspects of my complexes, with the resolute consequence and with all psychoanalytic openness.

It worked out extremely well, and I realised that I was such a fool, not having told her much before.

The improvement in my peace and calmness is enormous.

At the moment I just have three patients who do pay well.

I would have enough patients if I would accept them paying me very little, but I don’t like to offer psychoanalysis for tip money.

I can and even must use my time better, namely, for my students, who I have still 3 to 5.

They required too much time.

I ask for a three weeks course (3 to 4 times weekly, 2 hours each time) 100 Swiss francs.

Otherwise people would just devour me.

Regarding my clients I have great satisfaction with them because of their precious psychology.

I also analysed a budding catatonic with success. ~Carl Jung, Two Cases from Jung’s Clinical Practice, Page 33