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And Ruth Bailey added the personal note:

“Throughout that whole day I must have known that he had now left me. Probably I knew it inside, but repressed it. And that was good; I would hardly have been able to do what needed to be done for him. All I could do was watch over him day and night …. ”

The dream Ruth Bailey reported contained a few other motifs; in one Jung saw many pots on the right side of a square place, in another the dreamer observed trees with fibrous roots growing around this place.

Among the roots shone golden threads.

These dream elements, suggesting the image of wholeness, pointed to connections with ancient mysteries, the symbols of germinating seed, that is, rebirth.

In ancient Egypt people spoke of the dismembered pieces of the god Osiris which were kept in pots and of whose resurrection they were certain.

Adonis, the god of resurrection, was honored by sowing fast-growing seeds in boxes, thereby representing the coming of new life.

The Gospel of John has the grain of wheat that falls on the earth, dies, and for that very reason “bringeth forth much fruit” John 12:24)