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Our Mercurius is therefore that same [Microcosm], who contains within him the perfections, virtues, and powers of Sol [in the dual sense of sun and gold], and who goes through the streets [vicos] and houses of all the planets, and in his regeneration has obtained the power of Above and Below, wherefore he is to be likened to their marriage, as is evident from the white [yin/soul] and the red [yang/ spirit; my brackets] that are conjoined in him. The sages have affirmed in their wisdom that all creatures are to be brought to one united substance. ~Gerhard Dorn

Transcendental Mercury:

Reason is the bound or outward circumference of Energy.
–William Blake, The Marriage of Heaven and Hell.

Mercurius is the Logos become world … [He] truly consists of the most extreme opposites; on the one hand he is undoubtedly akin to the godhead, on the other he is found in sewers. –Carl Jung, The Spirit Mercurius.

Keynote phrases for Mercury:

•The animating energy behind forms of communication.
•Traditionally, Mercury is hermaphroditic and contains qualities that derive from active (yang) and receptive (yin) energies. Mercury unites these opposing tendencies, especially in the role of transmitting (yang) and receiving (yin) information.
•Cognitive functions that determine communication and more advanced intellectual abilities.
•Intellectual (rather than philosophic [Jupiter] or divinely intuited [Uranus]) communication.
•The ability to learn and refine skills.
•Education, especially elementary education.
•The “automatic pilot” aspect of cognitive experience, especially concerning the performance of tasks that rely on the smooth functioning of previously learned motor skills.
•Physiological structures in the brain and nervous system that facilitate communication.
•In Indian astrology, Mercury corresponds to “matters pertaining to learning.”27
•The yin and yang functions of reception, comprehension, and expression of information.
•Everything that facilitates communication and that leads to an understanding of the self- and soul experience