Freud/Jung Letters

Dear Professor Freud, 19 February 1912

Heartiest thanks for your two excellent articles.

“The Dynamics of Transference”! is of extraordinary value for the analyst.

I have read it with pleasure and profit.

So far as the concept of introversion” is concerned, I consider it to be a universal phenomenon, though it has a
special significance in Dem. praec.

I say quite a lot about it in Part II of my work on libido, which by the way has taken on alarming proportions and despite my need to come to an end refuses to stop.

Already I can predict the gloomy outcome: I shall see how much better I could have done it.

Our Society is blossoming like a rose since Bleuler left.

The only result of the great newspaper feud is that wA is being endlessly discussed in public. It even appears in the carnival newspapers.

Excuse this brevity, but I am in a state of war.

Kind regards,

Most sincerely yours,

JUNG ~Carl Jung, Freud/Jung Letters, Vol. 1, Page 486