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Carl Jung: All kinds of things lead me far away from my scientific endeavor…


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The Red Book

All kinds of things lead me far away from my scientific endeavor, which I thought I had subscribed to firmly I wanted to serve humanity through it, and now, my soul, you lead me to these new things.

Yes, it is the in-between world, the pathless, the manifold-dazzling.

I forgot that I had reached a new world, which had been alien to me previously I see neither way nor path.

What I believed about the soul has to become true here, namely that she knows her own way better, and that no intention can prescribe her a better one.

I feel that a large chunk of science has been broken off I suppose it must be like this, for the sake of the soul and her life.

I find the thought that this must occur only for me agonizing, and that perhaps no one will gain insight from my work.

But my soul demands this achievement. I should be able to do this just for myself without hope-for the sake of God.

This is truly a hard way

But what else did those anchorites of the first centuries of Christianity do?

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And were they the worst or least capable of those living at the end?

Hardly; since they came to the most relentless conclusions with regard to the psychological necessity of their time.

They left wife and child, wealth, glory and science-and turned toward the desert-for God’s sake. So be it ~Carl Jung, The Black Book, Liber Novus, Footnote 44, Page 267