C.G. Jung discussed “The Significance of the Father in the Destiny of the Individual.”

He remarked, among other things: If ever we wish to see the workings of a demonic power of fate, we see them here, in these dark, silent tragedies that are played out slowly and painfully in the diseased psyches of our neurotics ….

If we who are “normal” investigate our lives, we see how a powerful hand guides us unfailingly to our destinies, and this hand cannot always be called a kindly one.

Often we call it the hand of God or the devil, thereby expressing more correctly than we know an extremely important psychological factor, namely the fact that the impulse that shapes the life of our souls has the nature of an autonomous personality, or at least is experienced in this way, so that from time immemorial, as still in modern idiom, the source of such fates appears as a demon, a good or evil spirit.

Carl Jung, Jung: A Biography, Pages 49-50