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The Visions Seminars

[Carl Jung’s advice to Christiana Morgan on how to produce visions]

In 1926, Christiana Morgan came to Jung for analysis.

She had been drawn to his ideas on reading psychological Types, and turned to him for assistance with her problems with relationships and her depressions.

In a session in 1926, Morgan noted Jung’s advice to her on how to produce visions:

Well, you see these are too vague for me to be able to say much about them. They are only the beginning. You only use the retina of the eye at first in order to objectify: Then instead of keeping on trying to force the image out you just want to look in.

Now when you see these images you want to hold them and see where they take you-how they change.

And you want to try to get into the picture yourself-to become one of the actors.

When I first began to do this I saw landscapes.

Then I learned how to put myself into the landscape, and the figures would talk to me and I would answer them … People said he has an artistic temperament.

But it was only that my unconscious was swaying me.

Now I learn to act its drama as well as the drama of the outer life & so nothing can hurt me now. I have written 1000 pages of material from the unconscious (Told the vision of a giant who turned into an egg).Footnote 204. ~The Red Book; Introduction 215-216.

Footnote 204: July 8, 1926, analysis notebooks, Countway Library of Medicine. The vision referred to at the end is found in Libel’ Secundus, ch. II, p. 283 below.