Apparitions and precognition: a study from the point of view of C. G. Jung’s analytical psychology

The psychologist is little concerned here with what kind of facts can be established in the conventional sense; all that matters to him is whether a person will vouch for the authenticity of his experience regardless of all interpretations.

The reports leave no doubt about this; moreover in most cases their authenticity is confirmed not only by the freedom with which they were reported, but also by independent parallel stories.

Since it cannot be doubted that such reports are found at all times and places, there is no sufficient reason for doubting the veracity of individual reports.

Doubt is justified only where it is a question of a deliberate lie.

The number of such cases is increasingly small, for the authors of such falsifications are too ignorant to be able to lie properly. Aniela Jaffe, Apparitions and Precognitions, Pages vii – viii.