[Carl Jung on Rudolf Steiner]

Dear Frau Patzelt, 29 November 1935

I have read a few books by Rudolf Steiner and must confess that I have found nothing in them that is of the slightest use to me.

You must understand that I am a researcher and not a prophet.

What matters to me is what can be verified by experience.

But I am not interested at all in what can be speculated about without any proof.

All the ideas that Steiner advances in his books you can also read in the Indian sources.

Anything I cannot demonstrate in the realm of human experience I let alone and if someone should assert that he knows more about it I ask him to furnish me with the
necessary proofs.

I have read a few books on anthroposophy and a fair number on theosophy.

I have also got to know very many anthroposophists and theosophists and have always discovered to my regret that these people imagine all sorts of things and assert all sorts of things for. Which they are quite incapable of offering any proof.

I have no prejudices against the greatest marvels if someone gives me the necessary proofs, Nor shall I hesitate to stand up for the truth If I know it can be proved.

But I shall guard against adding to the number of those who use unproven assertions to erect a world system no stone of which rests on the surface of this earth.

So long as Steiner is or was not able to understand the Hittite inscriptions yet understood the language of Atlantis which nobody knows existed, there is no reason to get
excited about anything that Herr Steiner has said.

Yours very truly,

C.G. Jung [Letters Volume 1, Page 203-204]