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To Fernando Cassani

Dear Herr Cassani, 13 July 1954

Best thanks for your friendly letter.

I can only tell you that none of my books represents a “synthesis or foundation of my work,” at least not in my view.

I am not a philosopher who might be able to achieve something as ambitious as that, but an empiricist who describes the progress of his experiences; thus my work has no absolute beginning and no all-encompassing end.

It is like the life of an individual, which suddenly becomes visible somewhere but rests on definite
though invisible foundations, so has no proper beginning and no proper end, ceasing just as suddenly and
leaving questions behind which should have been answered.

You do not know my later (and perhaps more important ) works yet. I therefore enclose a list of them.

As for the writings of Ouspenskt and Gurdjieff, I know enough to satisfy me that I have no time for them.

I seek real knowledge and therefore avoid all unverifiable speculation. I have seen enough of that as a psychiatrist.

You might just as well recommend Mme. Blavatsky’s Isis Unveiled or the compendious opus of Rudolf Steiner or
Bo-Yin-Ra (why not Schneiderfranken?).

Anyway I thank you for your good intentions. It is so difficult to establish facts that I detest anything that obscures them.

You can attribute this to a deformation professionelle. I naturally agree with what you say about freedom of thought.

The Communist doesn’t come into this category, since he doesn’t think; but his actions are a danger to the public.

If he thought, he would have found out his deceit long ago. Hoping you will excuse my freedom of thought,

Yours sincerely, C.G. Jung ~Carl Jung, Letters Vol. II, Pages 179-180