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Visions : Notes of the seminar given in 1930-1934 (2 Volume Set) (Bollingen)

The machines which we have invented, for instance, are now our masters.

Machines are running away with us, they are demons; they are like those huge old saurians that existed when man was a sort of lizard-monkey and deadly afraid of their hooting and tooting.

By his will man has invented a Mesozoic world again, monsters that crush thousands by their voice and their weight.

The enormous machines in factories, the enormous steamers and trains and automobiles, all that has become so overwhelming that man is the mere victim of it.

Look at the city of New York.

Nobody can tell me that man feels like a king in New York.

He is just an ant on an ant heap and doesn’t count at all, he is superfluous there, the ant heap is the thing that counts.

It is a town which should be inhabited by giants; then I would believe that those buildings belonged to them.

A big city is like a holocaust of humanity, as Zola expressed it.

Man has built his own funeral pyre and it is destroying him, and so our whole world is being destroyed.

It has taken the bread away from millions, and production is still going on like mad; that is really at the bottom of the actual crisis. ~Carl Jung, Visions Seminar, Page 502

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