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Carl Jung’s Stone Memorial to Emma Jung


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Although Emma Jung was not buried at Bollingen, Jung beautifully carved a memorial stone to her memory.

Its symmetry and elegant classical lines reflect Emma’s own aesthetic as seen at Küsnacht. In this place, it is not difficult to imagine a grieving Jung laboring over this work of art.

Note the sun and moon (male and female symbols) over what appears to be a Eucharistic host and paten.

The inscription in Latin reads:

Oh outstanding vessel of devotion and obedience!
To the ancestral spirits of my most beloved and faithful wife Emma Maria.
She completed her life and after her death she was lamented.
She went over to the secret of eternity in the year 1955.
Her age was 73.
Her husband C.G. .Jung has made and placed [this stone] in 1956.

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