Letters of C. G. Jung: Volume 2, 1951-1961

To Aniela Jaffe

Dear Aniela, Bollingen, 8 September 1951

Here comes a sign of life!

After Eranos I was very tired.

Have recovered a bit now, and again a though t has caught me, this time with reference to synchronicity.

I must rework the chapter on astrology.

An important change has to be made-Knoll put me on to it.

Astrology is not a mantic method but appears to be based on proton radiation (from the sun).

I must do a statistical experiment in order to be on sure ground.

This preys on my mind but not so much that I forget you.

How are you?

I hope better.

Please let me have a word from you.

After Eranos I missed the daily exchange of ideas and the warmth of life lapping me round.

I’m sorry I have to stop.

My son has just arrived by sailing boat.

Meanwhile with cordial greetings,

C. G . ~Carl Jung, Letters Vol. II, Pages 22-23.

Note: According to Knoll, solar proton radiation is strongly influenced by planetary constellations.

Cf. Knoll, “Transformation of Science in Our Age,” Man and Time, Papers from the Eranos Yearbooks,(1957); Jung, “On Synchronicity,” CW 8, Appendix, par. 987, and “Synchronicity,” par. 875.