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Visions Seminar

Exactly the same idea is expressed in the Epistles of St. Paul where he says that all living beings, the whole of creation, is waiting for the revelation of the children of God; they are waiting to celebrate their apokatastasis, their reinstallation with the redemption of the children of God.

In the redemption of the individual, the whole past will be redeemed, and that includes all the inferior things as well, the animals, and all the ancestral souls, everything that has not been completed; all creation will be redeemed in the apokatastasis [at the time of the Last Judgement], there will be a complete restoration of things as they have been.

Primitives express that quite plainly; they say that when the hero steps out of the belly of the monster, not only he comes out but his dead parents who have also been swallowed by the time dragon, and not only his parents but all the people of the tribe who have disappeared in time, and even rivers and mountains and woods, whole countries come out of the whale-dragon.

All the vanished memories of former situations will be restored, everything will be brought back to its original condition. Carl Jung, Visions Seminar, Page 1280