When someone is able to perform the art of touching on the archetypal, he can play on the souls of people like on the strings
of a piano. ~Carl Jung, Children’s Dream Seminar, Page 150


The children already live in a tomorrow, only they are not aware of it. ~Carl Jung, Children’s Dreams Seminar, Page 50.

Thus the devil is a preliminary stage of individuation, in the negative it has the same goal as the divine quaternity, namely, wholeness. Although it is still darkness, it already carries the germ of light within itself. ~Carl Jung, Children’s Dreams Seminar, Page 372.

It is no sign of culture if a woman is only a daughter, or only a pregnant mother, or only a whore. ~Carl Jung, Children’s Dreams Seminar, Page 321

We are entangled in the roots, and we ourselves are the roots. ~Carl Jung, Kundalini Seminar, Page 29

We make roots, we cause roots to be, we are rooted in the soil, and there is no getting away for us, because we must be there as long as we live. ~Carl Jung, Kundalini Seminar, Page 29

It is most important that you should be born; you ought to come into this world—otherwise you cannot realize the self, and the purpose of this world has been missed. ~Carl Jung, Kundalini Seminar, Page 28

It is utterly important that one should be in this world, that one really fulfills one’s entelechia, the germ of life which one is. ~Carl Jung, Kundalini Seminar, Page 28

You see, the shoot must come out of the ground, and if the personal spark has never gotten into the ground, nothing will come out of it; no linga [creative core] or Kundalini will be there, because you are still staying in the infinity that was before. ~Carl Jung, Kundalini Seminar, Page 29

For you should leave some trace in this world which notifies that you have been here, that something has happened. If nothing happens of this kind you have not realized yourself; the germ of life has fallen, say, into a thick layer of air that kept it suspended. ~Carl Jung, Kundalini Seminar, Page 28

Everything that has life is individual—a dog, a plant, everything living—but of course it is far from being conscious of its individuality. ~Carl Jung, Kundalini Seminar, Page 5

Individuation only takes place when you are conscious of it, but individuation is always there from the beginning of your existence. ~Carl Jung, Kundalini Seminar, Page 5

The instinct of individuation is found everywhere in life, for there is no life on earth that is not individual. ~Carl Jung, Kundalini Seminar, Page 4

The world itself becomes a reflection of the psyche. ~Carl Jung, Kundalini Seminar, Page 50


Today, instead of the sea or leviathan, we say analysis, which is equally dangerous. ~Carl Jung, Kundalini Seminar, Page 17

We could not possibly judge this world if we had not also a standpoint outside, and that is given by the symbolism of religious
experiences. ~Carl Jung, Kundalini Seminar, Page 27

Man knows only a small part of his psyche, just as he has only a very limited knowledge of the physiology of his body. ~Carl Jung, Aion, Para 253

The causal factors determining his psychic existence reside largely in unconscious processes outside consciousness, and in the same
way there are final factors at work in him which likewise originate in the unconscious. ~Carl Jung, Aion, Para 253

Indeed, it took the intervention of God himself to deliver humanity from the curse of evil, for without his intervention man would have been lost. ~Carl Jung, CW 9ii, Para 114

Psychology is an empirical science and deals with realities. ~Carl Jung, Aion, Para . 98

Projections change the world into the replica of one’s unknown face. ~Carl Jung, CW 9ii. Para 17

We need to find our way back to the original, living spirit which, because of its ambivalence, is also a mediator and uniter of
opposites, an idea that preoccupied the alchemists for many centuries. ~Carl Jung, Aion, Para 141

For alchemy is the mother of the essential substance as well as the concreteness of modern scientific thinking, and not scholasticism, which was responsible in the main only for the discipline and training of the intellect. ~Carl Jung, CW 9ii, Para 266.

The anima and animus have tremendous influence because we leave the shadow to them. ~Carl Jung, Dream Analysis, Page 53.

The splitting of the Original Man into husband and wife expresses an act of nascent consciousness; it gives birth to the pair of
opposites, thereby making consciousness possible. ~Carl Jung, Aion, Para 320