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The Red Book

[Man as the “Eternal Moment” of the World]

Diahmon answered, saying, “These dead believed in the transformation and development of man.

They were convinced of human nothingness and transitoriness.

Nothing was clearer to them than this, and yet they knew that man even creates its Gods, and so they knew that the Gods were of no use.

Therefore they had to learn what they did not know, that man is a gateway through which crowds the train of the Gods and the coming and passing of all times.

He does not do it, does not create it, does not suffer it, since he is the being, the sole being, since he is the moment of the world, the eternal moment.

Whoever recognizes this stops being flame; he becomes smoke and ashes.

He lasts and his transitoriness is over. He has become someone who is.

You dreamed of the flame, as if it were life. But life is duration, the flame dies away.

I carried that over, I saved it from the fire. That is the son of the fire flower.

You saw that in me, I myself am of the eternal fire of light. But I am the one who saved it for you, the black and golden seed and its blue starlight.

You eternal being-what is length and brevity? What is the moment and eternal duration? You, being, are eternal in each moment.
What is time? Time is the fire that flares up, consumes, and dies down.

I saved being from time, redeeming it from the fires of time and the darkness of time, from Gods and devils.” ~Philemon to Dr. Jung; The Red Book; Page 354.