Mysterium Coniunctionis

Alchemy, with its wealth of symbols, gives us an insight into an endeavour of the human mind which could be compared with a
religious rite, an opus divinum [divine task].

The difference between them is that the alchemical opus was not a collective activity rigorously defined as to its form and
content, but rather, despite the similarity of their fundamental principles, an individual undertaking on which the adept
staked his whole soul for the transcendental purpose of producing a unity.

It was a work of reconciliation between apparently incompatible opposites, which, characteristically, were understood not
merely as the natural hostility of the physical elements but at the same time as a moral conflict.

Since the object of this endeavour was seen outside as well as inside, as both physical and psychic, the work extended as it
were through the whole of nature, and its goal consisted in a symbol which had an empirical and at the same time a transcendental
aspect. Carl Jung, CW 14, Para 700.