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The experience of Tao can happen at any time.


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Visions Seminar

The experience of Tao can happen at any time.

If you are in the psychology of the first part of life—it is not necessarily a matter of years—if you fulfill the personal ends of your existence and it is the right moment, you may have such an experience.

For it is quite understood that a young animal still in the process of maturation is just as much a fulfillment of the totality of
nature as one that is dying, who, if dying properly, is also fulfilling life because the idea of life includes death, it is a cycle.

There is the same possibility at any moment of life.

You probably experienced Tao when you were a child, when you woke up in your little bed in the morning with the
sun shining into your room.

That would be an experience of Tao inasmuch as your parents had not twisted you.

But it is quite possible that your parents put dirt on your nose, and then, even as a child, you could only experience a twisted feeling.

Or you might experience it at fifteen or twenty if you fulfill your own personal and individual expectations which are then valid.

And you can experience the same when you are fading away, dying, if you do it properly, as that fulfillment which is in accordance with the laws of nature.

Just that is demanded and nothing else.

Many people have never in their whole lives felt such a natural fulfillment because they were completely twisted.

But they would experience it in the moment when they were able to liberate themselves from the twist —in that moment they would
experience Tao. Carl Jung, Visions Seminar, Page 761