Visions Seminar

Art is just a particular way of decorating the nest in which you lay your eggs.

Well, the biological point of view is that you eat and drink, you propagate your species, you sleep, and you die; that is nature, biological life.

And in contrast to nature, or beyond nature is the cultural point of view, our civilization. That is the particular achievement of man, no animal ever dreamt of culture.

It is a condition by itself, a creation due to the increase of human consciousness, and this has produced a new and different world.

The surface of the world has changed.

One sees water where water has never been and should not be, a canal that goes even over the hills, against all those laws of nature.

And one sees straight roads, straight lines on the earth, which have never been seen before; the only straight line that ever existed in the earth was the furrow of a meteor. Carl Jung, Visions Seminar, Pages 913-914