Visions Seminar

Anything experienced outside of the body has the quality of being without body; so you must experience the whole thing over again, it must come in a new way.

Then whatever you learn in analysis will happen to you in reality.

It must be like that, because you are the point of identity, you are the one that experiences analysis and the one that experiences life.

Whatever you experience outside of the body, in a dream for instance, is not experienced unless you take it into the body, because the body means the here and now.

If you just have a dream and let it pass by you, nothing has happened at all, even if it is the most amazing dream; but if you look at it with

the purpose of trying to understand it, and succeed in understanding it, then you have taken it into the here and now, the body being a visible expression of the here and now.

For instance, if you had not taken your body into this room, nobody would know you were here; though even if you seem to be in the body, it is by no means sure that you are, because your mind might be wandering without your realizing it.

Then whatever is going on here would not be realized; it would be like a vague dream that floats in and out, and nothing has happened. Carl Jung, Visions Seminar, Page 1316