The Red Book

[Carl Jung and what future generations will become aware of.]

Notwithstanding all free thinking, our attitude to Eros, for instance, remains the old Christian view.

We can now no longer bide our time peacefully without questioning and doubt, or else we will remain in the state of childhood.

If we merely reject the dogmatic view, our liberation from the well-established will be merely intellectual, whereas our deeper feeling will persist on the old path.

Most people, however, are unaware of how this sets them at odds with themselves. But later generations will become increasingly aware of this.

Yet those who notice this will realize with horror that renouncing resumed childhood ousts them from our present times and that they can no longer follow any of the traditional ways.

They enter uncharted territory, which has neither paths nor boundaries.

They lack any direction, since they have forsaken all established bearings.

This realization, however, dawns upon very few, since the vast majority makes do with half measures, and remains unperturbed by the stupidity of their spiritual condition.

But then tepidity and slackness is not to everyone’s taste.

Some would rather abandon themselves to despair than adhere to a worldview completely removed from the well-trodden paths of their habitual behavior.

They would rather venture into a pathless, dark land at the risk of perishing there, even if this should outrage all their cowardice. ~Carl Jung, The Red Book, Scrutinies, Page 368.