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We must give nature a chance to fulfill itself.

Visions Seminar

If one is allowed to speak of complete individuation at all, I should say that it would be conscious experience of the totality of nature.

But such a thing is only possible if the individual in every moment of existence fulfills his complete being, lives the primitive pattern, fulfills all the expectations that he was originally born with.

Naturally one would be abstracted from that universal consciousness through any attempt at a provisional life, for the moment one looks ahead one neglects what is here.

The provisional life is a mutilated existence, it is only half a life, giving absolutely no chance of fulfillment, which is the only
guarantee for a consciousness that is in harmony with the totality of nature.

Only when you behave exactly as you are meant to behave are you the friend and the brother of all living things; then you are right in your place, and then you suddenly understand that everything else is in its place.

That is the experience which old China called Tao, but that is a very mystical concept.

One realizes how rare, how almost impossible such an experience is, because it is linked up with the completeness of experience in every stage of life. ~Carl Jung, Visions Seminar, Pages 760-761

We must give nature a chance to fulfill itself.

Then only can we detach, and then it comes about quite naturally.

One could say: Live your life to the full and then you can die.

This idea was expressed by Cicero, the idea that the fullness of life brings about the fullness of time and the moment which is ripe for death.

That was the antique standpoint and in a way it is true; when nothing remains, it is the end; everything has been said and done, it is perfectly natural, even logical, that one vanishes.

If one has done one’s duty, fulfilled one’s task, one can then die, one can say goodbye and disappear. ~Carl Jung, Visions Seminar, Page 402