Visions Seminar

When one tries desperately to be good and wonderful and perfect, then all the more the shadow develops a definite will to
be black and evil and destructive.

People cannot see that; they are always striving to be marvellous, and then they discover that terrible destructive things happen which they cannot understand, and they either deny that such facts have anything to do with them, or if they admit them, they take them for natural afflictions, or they try to minimize them and to shift the responsibility elsewhere.

The fact is that if onetries beyond one’s capacity to be perfect, the shadow descends into hell and becomes the devil.

For it is just as sinful from the standpoint of nature and of truth to be above oneself as to be below oneself.

It is surely not the divine will in man that he should be something which he is not, for when one looks into nature, one sees that it is most definitely the divine will that everything should be what it is. Carl Jung, Visions Seminar, Page 569.

When you accept the fact of your inferiority, it lives with you; you are it too, but not exclusively. You are not only white, one part is black, but both make the whole man.
It is not wiping out the white substance when you accept the black—on the contrary; it is only when you can’t that things
go wrong, when there is nothing but white and nothing but black. That is simply neurotic. Carl Jung, Visions Seminar, Page 391.