Visions Seminar

Mrs. Baumann: One has to be in it, but a little bit objective in order to pull the strings; in working it, one goes from the higher to the lower things; it is black magic.

Dr. Jung: Well, you can obtain an effect by pulling the dark strings, which means you are yourself unconscious to a greater extent in an illegitimate way.

If you repress all the ore conscious, decent things, you can keep yourself on a lower level and can then influence people through mental contagion, you can induce a similar state, also an unconscious condition.

People who are unconscious always create unconsciousness, and in this way they influence others; they can get them into an
unconscious condition so that they will behave exactly according to their intention.

That is the real essence of witchcraft.

Now here is the doubt: is this figure on a low unconscious level and therefore infectious through unconscious- ness?

In other words, is she the Makara?

The patient suspects that she may be below herself unconscious and creating unconsciousness, and so might eventually induce such unconsciousness in her that it would mean destruction in the underworld.

But when she asks: “Who are you?” that woman says:

“Behold!” She pulled off her robe. I saw a beautiful woman. She was all green, triumphant, dazzling, standing in a green light. I bowed my head.

Carl Jung, Visions Seminar, Pages 1272-1273