Carrl Jung Letters Volume 1

To Alphonse Maeder

Dear Colleague, Kaserne St. Gallen, 28 October 1911

Please forgive me for answering your letter only now.

It was impossible to do so earlier because I was detailed for a very strenuous mountain exercise.

I find it very boring that people are so lazy.

Thenext meeting1 would be a good opportunity to cover some elementary ground, for instance the cathartic and psychoanalytical method, ortrauma and sexual constitution.

In case of necessity I could bring my Brussels lecture with me ( child analysis).

Then we must set aside some time for discussing matters bearing on the Association.

The Burgholzli racket must be stopped. . . . The whole analytical tradition is going to the devil there.

In accordance with our psychoanalytical principles I would only like to speed up this process of reverting to anatomy and classification by dissociating ourselves from the Clinic.

We can expect nothing good from those people.

best greetings,


JUNG ~Carl Jung, Letters Vol. I, Page 25