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C. G. Jung Speaking: Interviews and Encounters

The fact is we have not yet reached the point when things can be put together. And we cannot reach it yet, because the world is cut in two.
J.P. Hodin: The iron curtain …A political factor. Has it anything to do with it?

Dr. Jung: I should think it has!

It hangs over our lives like the sword of Damocles. Since 1933 we have witnessed uttermost destruction. First it was the Nazis.
On two occasions they almost got here.

If they had, I should have been put against the wall. Well, I had settled my accounts with the next world.

If the Russians come we shall have the “pile of wreckage,” for even if we are the victors, we know very well that we shall do the same thing as they do and with the same methods.

In America, when they want to cope with the gangsters, they do it with the help of G-men. That means we become like them.

I am pessimistic about the pile of wreckage.

A new revelation from within, one that will enable us to see behind the shattered fragments of infantilism, one in which the true image appears, one that is constructive—that is what I am waiting for.

We have to visualize this image empirically, as at once an idea and a living form, the ground for which has long been prepared historically.

I have always pointed it out.

The alchemist called it the Round. It is the idea of completeness.

The Chinese call it Tao—the unity of opposites in the whole.

Psychologically seen, the process takes place in the center of the personality which is not the “I,” but another center, the greater man in us.

For this, too, the ground has been prepared psychologically. I see it as form, or, if you like, as an idea.

Except that an idea without living form is merely intellectual. My idea which is also form is like a man who has a body.
If he has no body, we should not see him.

It must be visible form and idea at the same time. Carl Jung, C.G. Jung Speaking: Interviews and Encounters, Pages 219-224