Red Book

Our striving focused on sagacity and intellectual superiority, and we hence developed all our cleverness.

But the extraordinary extent of stupidity inherent in all men was disregarded and denied.

But if we accept the other in us, we also evoke the particular stupidity of our nature.

Stupidity is one of man’s strange hobbyhorses.

There is something divine about it, and yet something of the megalomania of the world.

Which is why stupidity is really large.

It keeps away everything that could induce us to intelligence.

It leaves everything not understood which is not naturally supposed to demand understanding.

This particular stupidity occurs in thought and in life.

Somewhat deaf somewhat blind, it brings about necessary fate and keeps from us the virtuousness coupled with rationality.

It is what separates and isolates the mixed seeds of life, affording us thus with a clear view of good and evil, and of what is reasonable and what not.

But many people are logical in their lack of reason” (P.487). ~Liber Novus, Page 316, Footnote 277.