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For you should leave some trace in this world


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The Psychology of Kundalini Yoga: Notes of the Seminar Given in 1932 (Jung Extracts Book 99)

It is utterly important that one should be in this world, that one really fulfills one’s entelechia, the germ of life which one is.

Otherwise you can never start Kundalini; you can never detach.

You simply are thrown back, and nothing has happened; it is an absolutely valueless experience.

You must believe in this world, make roots, do the best you can, even if you have to believe in the most absurd things—to believe, for instance, that this world is very definite, that it matters absolutely whether such-and-such a treaty is made or not.

It may be completely futile, but you have to believe in it, have to make it almost a religious conviction, merely

for the purpose of putting your signature under the treaty, so that trace is left of you.

For you should leave some trace in this world which notifies that you have been here, that something has happened.

If nothing happens of this kind you have not realized yourself; the germ of life has fallen, say, into a thick layer of air that kept it suspended.

It never touched the ground, and so never could produce the plant.

But if you touch the reality in which you live, and stay for several decades if you leave your trace, then the im- personal process can begin.

You see, the shoot must come out of the ground, and if the personal spark has never gotten into the ground, nothing will come out of it; no linga [creative core] or Kundalini will be there, because you are still staying in the infinity that was before. Carl Jung, Kundalini Seminar, Page 29