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Carl Jung – Visions Seminar

Most connections in the world are not relationships, they are participation mystique [mystical connection].

One is then apparently connected, but of course it is never a real connection, it is never a relationship; but it gives the
feeling of being one sheep in a flock at least, which is something.

While if you disqualify yourself as a sheep you are necessarily out of the flock and will suffer from a
certain loneliness, despite the fact that you then have a chance to reestablish a relationship, and
this time a conscious relationship, which is far more satisfactory.

Participation mystique gives one a peculiar unconsciousness, which is in a way a function of the mother; one is carried in

Sometimes it is nice and sometimes it is not nice at all, but as a rule people prefer it because the average man gets
awfully frightened when he has to do something which he cannot share with his world; he is afraid to be alone, to think something
which other people don’t think, or to feel something which other people don’t feel.

One is up against man’s gregarious instinct as soon as one tries to transcend the ordinary consciousness. ~Carl Jung, Visions Seminar, Page 625

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