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Carl Jung – The Visions Seminar

I once had a case of schizophrenia, a girl who was so caught by that redemption mystery which was going on in her that she could no longer speak to people.

She was locked up in a lunatic asylum for about sixteen months, and I had a chance somehow to get behind her screen and discover where she

She went to the moon and became the savior of the moon people.

She became the redeemer of the world, she built temples and did all sorts of wonderful things, it was a most amazing story.

And the thing which was difficult for her to bear was that, in telling me that story, she cut the thread to the moon and could not go back; she had to be sane, she was caught to the earth because she had betrayed the mystery.

She wanted to kill me because I had cured her, because her life in the moon was so much more beautiful.

She had no idea that the moon was a symbol, so that one called people like herself lunatics; she went into the unconscious—into the moon—and
there she did the only thing that was worth living for, redemption; she succeeded in saving the moon people.

But she got stuck in the moon, she became the prisoner of the moon spirit.

Then when I came in and she could tell me that story, she was caught in this world and could not go back.

She hated me for a long time and said to me: “Oh, it was so much more beautiful.

I hate to live on this earth.”

Since then I am not so compassionate about insane people; it may not be so bad, it only looks so. ~Carl Jung, Visions Seminar, Page 146.

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